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From here you have access to various product literature and up to date specifications.

For Firmware updates and other associated software, including GPS WNRO issues, visit our secure download area.

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EDR-210 Recorder PDF download Downloads 2.82 Mb
EDR-209 Digitizer PDF download Downloads 2.73 Mb
PR6-24 Portable Recorder PDF download Downloads 2.83 Mb
PS6-24 6 Channel 24-Bit Digitizer PDF download Downloads 2.59 Mb
Modmon32 (Digitizer Monitor ZIP download Downloads 499 Kb
PView (File Viewer ZIP download Downloads 436 Kb
CAPSViewer (CAPS Viewer ZIP download Downloads 456 Kb
Earth Data designs and manufactures data acquisition, radio telemetry, 24-bit digitiser and portable recorder systems used in seismic profiling, magnetotelluric experiments, earthquake monitoring systems, etc... From here you have access to various sales information and up to date specifications.For firmware updates and other associated software visit our secure download area