Earth Data PR6-24 Portable Field Recorder

A high performance recorder for seismic profiling, aftershock studies, networks, noise measurements and magnetotelluric studies.

The PR6-24 "Recorder" combines the PS6-24 with a hard disk recording facility again within a rugged weatherproof enclosure. The removable hard disk, which is protected by its own weatherproof case, can be exchanged without loss of data. Both USB and Ethernet connections can be used for communication and data download.

  • 6 Channels of true 24-bit conversion
  • Sample rates from 1 to 3000 Hz
  • Dual sample rates on all 6 channels
  • Removable hard disk recording
  • Optional internal flash disk
  • GPS time accuracy
  • Ethernet and modem connection
  • WLAN and bluetooth communication
  • USB mass storage
  • Hotplug capable
  • Web enabled configuration and monitoring
  • Rugged weathersealed housing
  • Operates from -20 °C to +55 °C
  • Linux 2.6.8 kernel
  • Completely configurable using Web Interface
    (NO client software required)
  • View health status and even data files online
  • Can be controlled using PDA such as Palm or
    pocket PC or a web enabled mobile phone
The Earth Data PR6-24 Portable Field Recorder can be used in hostile environments and is ideal for rapid deployment by unskilled personnel.
All these features can be uploaded to existing recorders (some require recorders to have usb support). The software is available for download in the secure download area.

If you do not currently have a user account then simply contact requesting a secure download account.