Earth Data Products

Earth Data's products are based around our proprietary 24-bit delta-sigma converter technology.

We offer standard Digitizers and Data Recorders (Loggers) that are designed to work in extreme environmental conditions and are compatible with a range of existing data acquisition systems and seismic monitoring applications. Data is provided in standard compatible formats such as Mini-SEED data files and communication is possible via standard protocols (e.g. SeedLink).

The units are able to sample and record data from a large range of sensors such as magnetometers (for use in magnetotelluric experiments) and seismometers (for use in seismic experiments). Supported seismic sensors include Broadband (typically 0.01 Hz to 50 Hz), Geophones (very short period, typically 5 Hz to 10 Hz or higher) and Strong Motion (large amplitude, high frequency) Accelerometers.

Earth Data Limited specialises in the research, design and manufacture of data acquisition, telemetry and recording systems for use in the scientific, industrial and medical fields.